Family Cafe

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In line with our philosophy at Kids Own of offering a healthy, constructive, nourishing environment for the whole family we now bring you the "Kids Own Family Hangout"

This is our endeavour to being you the best of fresh ingredients of the highest quality. It is about rediscovering the flavours that the bounty of nature has bestowed on us.

It is about putting health back into food in a "fun & yummy way" without compromising on the taste, in a manner that is good for all of us.

It is good for our children, our families and our friends.

So come, relax and enjoy a cool drink or a steaming cuppa, Munch on fresh thin crust stone baked pizzas or dig into our selection of freshly cut gourmet sandwiches & wraps; Shoot a game of pool or leaf through a magazine or get some "quality family time" join or simply watch the kids at play in close proximity and enjoy their "eureka" moments while reminiscing on childhood memories.