GO PLAY (Age 0 to 11 years old)

The equipment, adhering to international safety standards & requirements helps children with their physical development through general exercise and development of their motor and coordination skills.

"Mini Gym" (Toddler 3 and under)

400 sq. ft. of dedicated space for Toddler 3 years and under to Develop and refine their "fine" and "gross" motor skills. The environment facilities social, mental and emotional learning and development of children as they engage with each other through pretend and creative physical play activities. It facilitates physical exercise and all round development through fun and play.

"Midi Gym" (4 to 11 years old)

1200 sq. ft.in area and 12.50 ft. high the main play structure for 4-11 year olds & children under 5 feet in height, challenge them to think, climb, slide, glide, crawl, balance and overcome fear of heights and enclosed spaces. The structure is not sequential, so a surprise awaits around every corner depending on the entrance the child selects to go into the area.