About Us


Kids Own is the brain child of Tarun & Nalini Sibal, parents who spent over a decade in Europe raising 2 children. They realized the importance of indoor play given the long winters and inclement weather conditions there. They discovered the importance of children burning positive energy when frequenting indoor play environments in Europe, as a family. They also realized the positive benefits to their kids as a result of spending quality time together, and enjoying & creating memories at these indoor facilities.

On their return to India they found that there was a paucity of safe outdoor play areas and opportunities, compounded by our hot summers and monsoons. This led to the germ of the idea to explore a destination indoor facility for kids and their families.

This was the birth of Kids Own. The facility opened its doors to the families of the tri-city area, close to a decade ago, in February 2007. They are the first in the tri-city area to provide a destination for families to spend quality time together and have fun in a nurturing environment.

Our Vision and Objectives

» Our vision is to "inspire quality family time" which we believe is the cornerstone of overall development.

» We are kids specialists focusing on providing and facilitating mental and physical development through indoor play and sport activities     combining fun and exercise

» We are focused on inspiring parents to interact with their children wherein they can delight and take joy in their kids' "eureka" moments.

» Our endeavour is to continuously upgrade our facilities to provide children and their families access to the latest technologies and fun     learning systems